Stabilimento balneare Bagni Paolieri

Set in the bay of Quercianella, between the green of the Mediterranean scrub and the crystal clear sea, the Bagni Paolieri enjoy a panoramic position among the most impressive of the Etruscan coast, overlooking the Romito promontory. Since its creation, in 1910, the structure was managed directly by the Paolieri family, whose history is indissolubly tied to the birth and development of the village of Quercianella.

Bathing establishment

With the lawns in the sea, the beach of small pebbles enclosed in the bay and the solarium terraces arranged on various levels, the Paolieri Baths offer a place of relaxation immersed in nature for lovers of the sea.


Seafood specialties, snacks and aperitifs ... to enjoy comfortably on the panoramic terrace of Ristorante Ai Paolieri, overlooking the sea, overlooking the promontory of Romito.


Every summer we organize evenings with DJs, parties and live performances of various genres (from classical music to jazz). Follow our event section to find out more.

Bathing establishment
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Quercianella, Livorno (LI) 57128