C'è in Toscana un paese incantato
Quercianella Sonnino chiamato:
ignorato esso fu fino a ieri;
L'ha scoperto Giovanni Paolieri!

Il Travaso delle Idee, Roma - 1/9/1929

The plant is named after Giovan Battista Paolieri, who built it in 1911. Son of Angiolo and Giulia Nardi lived in Casole d'Elsa, where the family owned the Lucciana farm. But his passion was the sea. He came to Quercianella in 1908 to cure asthma and fell in love with the spot and the fields overlooking the crystal clear sea, framed by the promontory of Romito, on which the castle-castle of Minister Sidney Sonnino stood. At this time this stretch of coastline was virtually uninhabited and John conceived the idea of ??promoting its development as a residential and seaside resort, on the model of the nearby Castiglioncello. He bought the farm where today stands the center of the village, traced the streets, then donated to the City of Livorno, and gave impetus to the construction of the characteristic villas.

With the Ligurian cabins, lined up along the beach and topped by a shade paddle, with two wooden rounds and stubs on the rims, the bathrooms were constructed with the desired simplicity, to evoke the idea of ??the "picturesque". Giovan Battista chose the same style for the back park, where he made grottoes, fountains and resting places, some still preserved today, while at the end of the 1920s, the two storey building was housed in the Buffet, with the panoramic terrace, nowadays used as a restaurant.

The Paolieri Baths became the main attraction of the seaside season of Quercianella, even from a social point of view, in the nascent sea of ??unmarried but not aristocratic sea holiday between the two world wars.

At Giovan Battista's death in 1962, the activity passed on to his sons Giulia, Umberto, Annibale and Caterina, who formed the Società Stabilimento Bagni Paolieri. In that same year, a shake of rare violence destroyed the characteristic wooden structures, partly ruining cement works. With the next renovation, the Plant assumed a new look, adapted to the needs of modern seaside tourism, respecting the physiognomy and beauty of the places.

Over the years the family, as far as grown and branched, has continued to take care of John's places, linking it to a story full of memories and a lived-in life. History that continues with the new generations to welcome affectionate long-time holidaymakers and new tourists who, surprisingly surprised, find Quercianella and the Paolieri Baths for the first time.

Irresistible and imaginative character, Giovan Battista also delighted with photography, a passion that owes to the precious and vast collection of seasonal "seaside" photos, perhaps unique in Italy. With its cumbersome equipment, the Bagni and its visitors immortalized over the years, returning to the image of an evolving society that discovered the pleasures of the sea holiday. And many of those shots became postcards to which John entrusted the task of promoting his "beloved" Quercianella.

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